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Maybe it’s because of the 300 days of sunshine, or the stress-free traffic conditions, whatever it is, Townsville locals are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet – ever.

Meet some of the faces making our community great.

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Townsville born or Townsville-lured?
I was born in China and grew up in Germany. Just less then two years ago I moved to Townsville. I really love Townsville. It’s just a beautiful place to live.

What does your business/job involve? (You can talk about what your business does here):
My business in Townsville is “Green Joe Wok & Sushi” in Hermit Park Shopping Center. It is a Chinese and Japanese takeaway food shop. 

Best part of the job?
I am very happy to provide our customers the original Chinese & Japanese food. 

Suburb you live in and why you love it?
I live in Mount Louisa where you have a wonderful view and it is still very close to the city. 

How do you unwind?
The best way to relax in Townsville is going to the beach. Pallarenda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. 

Best coffee haunt in town / best watering hole in town?
I am really not a coffee drinker. However I‘m always trying to get the best cakes or sweeties everywhere in Townsville I can find them.



Townsville born or Townsville-lured?
I am Townsville lured and love the place. I moved here in 2005 after working in many restaurants in Brisbane. It is now definitely my home, I met my husband here and our kids love it so we aren't going anywhere else anytime soon.

What does your business/job involve? Three years ago my mother and I bought I'm It Kaffe and we love providing great home made food to our regulars and those looking for good quality food. We make everything in the store and all of our money stays in this community.  Our home made sweets and treats are definitely what we are famous for.

Best part of the job?
Owning a small business is all about relationships and being able to work everyday with my mum is definitely a highlight. We love getting a chance to sit down with our regulars and have a chat. I also love trying to find different things online to make in the shop to keep our menu fresh and varied. 

Suburb you live in and why you love it?I live just in the next suburb in Heatley. It is nice being so close to work and the community feel around Parkside Plaza. It is where we shop and all our neighbours shop. We have great neighbours in a nice quiet street where the kids can still get out and play in the streets like I used to when I was a kid.

How do you unwind?
Funnily enough I love to unwind by what else, cooking. I would love to get the opportunity for more sleep ins but unfortunately I only get one morning a week to do it. When I get a chance I also like to get out and go fishing and have recently fallen in love with reading. It is so relaxing and is a guaranteed way to help me unwind for a good night sleep.

Best coffee haunt in town / best watering hole in town?
Well the best coffee in town is an easy one but of course we are a little biased. I don't really get out too much, I prefer to spend more time with my friends, family and neighbours.



makkedde Lowis
retail assistant
love thy neighbour

Townsville born or Townsville-lured?
Born in Townsville. We moved down south for a few years when I was in primary school, before moving back in grade five. It’s as if I never moved though! Some of my closest friends are still the ones I met when I was two at Galbiri kindergarten in North Ward.

What does your business/job involve? 
I am employed by Damon and Chrissy as a full time fashion retail assistant at their local boutique, Love Thy Neighbour in North Ward Shopping Village. My number one priority is to ensure that my customers have an outstanding shopping experience in our little boutique – I want them to come back again and again and share my/our love for fashion and local businesses. Repeat business is so important for us. My job also involves a high level of creative, financial and organisational responsibility to ensure I am hitting customer and management expectations.

Best part of the job?
You can’t beat a combination of fashion and customers. I’m so lucky, I just love my job. Our customers at Love Thy Neighbour are my highlight everyday without question. I get to meet new faces, hear new stories, and get to wear the latest fashion that Chrissy hand picks for our Townsville fashion lovers. I'm lucky to get the first pick of all our amazing labels.

What do you love the most about Townsville?
Castle Hill for sure! We are so lucky to have this wallet-friendly red rock with its challenging trails and rocky tracks to huff and puff up. One of the highlights of my week is to grab a friend two or three times a week after work and join the masses of fitness-focussed locals on their trek to the top, or drive up at night to see Townsville's beautiful nightscape. I love this city.

How do you unwind?
I am naturally very active and very social, so cross fit with Strand Fitness has become the perfect wind up, and at the same time, wind down gig for me. The coaches and the team give their best effort at every training session. I have found that cross fit really improves my mental fortitude and fosters really special friendships. Cross fit at Strand Fitness is humble and inspiring. I cheer loud for my team mates' successes as it is not an easy sport. They are all my everyday inspiration which drives me to achieve even more, every time.

Best coffee haunt in town?
My daily grind is at Me, Myself and Coffee. It’s become a very important part of my everyday routine, and conveniently across from Love Thy Neighbour. Maddie, Alanna and the team always offer the best customer service.